first things first :

this tutorial depends on the following FD Ticket : and can be used as universal tutorial for creating the abacus export manually.
in the Ticket we see the following :

Can you please provide us with the XML files for the tourist tax settlement (reporting) April 2022 from the following service providers?

Ahorn (Sport Resort)

Aletsch Wohnung
Bed & Breakfast Baumhaus
Birke (Sport Resort)
Boutique Hotel La Cabane
Fichte (Sport Resort)
Fiescher Hostel
Garni Aletsch
Garni Goneri
Golfhotel Riederhof
Goms Wohnung
Gruppenunterkunft Alpenlodge Kühboden
Gruppenunterkunft Eggishorn
Hotel Aletsch Mörel
Hotel Alpenlodge Kühboden
Hotel Alpfrieden AG
Hotel Bettmerhof
Hotel Christania
Hotel Eggishorn
Hotel Le Postillion
Hotel Panorama
Lärche (Sport Resort)
Nebenhaus Alpfrieden AG
Weisstanne (Sport Resort)

what we do now with this information :

  1. open the Peaksolution Backend and go to Katalog Manage >  Produkts
  2. then we search for the first Accomodation :
  3. we take the one which is set to active and have a price too
  4. open it up
  5. click on the "feratel" on the left it could also named "feratel-hotel : 
  6. than it opens the Feratel menu there you see the feratel service provider ID you need to copy or save in your notes for the next moves (link to a list from some accommodations + feratel ID
  7. then we open the terminal and use the following command to connect to the live server from Aletsch : 
    ssh live_aletsch
  8. then use the next command to change in the right folder :
    cd htdocs/scripts/export
  9. In order to be able to perform the export for abacus, the following command is required, which must be adapted according to use:

    php export-abacus-registration-form.php 2022-04-01 2022-04-29 ce843e90-8e21-4f32-b4fe-a01ac480ef48 true

    short description of the command : 

    php export-abacus-registration-form.php       <---- the script we use for create the XML

    2022-04-01 2022-04-29                                  <---- the Timespan from the start and the end date of the export                                                                                         here April as we see in the description of the Ticket

    ce843e90-8e21-4f32-b4fe-a01ac480ef48    <---- this is the feratel service provider ID which we copied in the                                                                                         last steps

    true                                                                      <---- force the export 

  10. now click on enter and the xml for the accommodation was created it throws the following in the terminal:

  11. to find this report now we need to open Filezilla and connect to Aletsch shop:

  12. than change to the directory htdocs > media > abacus 

  13. in there are the created xml files which we created via the terminal
  14. now we create a new folder on our desktop (left order structure in the window from Filezilla) and open it inside filezilla :

  15. we need to download this file on our own "folder" so we just do a right click on it (on the xml) and click on download:

  16. then the file is in our own folder when you open the finder and open the created folder you can see there it is :

  17. this steps needs to be done for every service provider or accommodation.

  18. when all xml are generated the folder needs to be changed to zipped folder and send to the customer in the FD Ticket