For ALL types of services, the following inputs can be made:

  • Pictures must be entered.

Important: Confirm copyright! Only pictures whose image rights are in your possession may be uploaded.

  • Maximum size of images: 10 MB 

Images must be uploaded individually. 

  • The uploaded pictures can be changed by drag & drop.
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions: You can store FAQs for each of your services. In order to be able to assign them to your service, you must first enter them. You will find this option in the "Service Designer" area. The button "Create FAQ" is in the same line as the button "Create Service". The FAQs include information such as: special opening hours on public holidays, whether dogs are allowed. You can find more information on this topic under "FAQs".
  • If other cancellation conditions are desired than those provided for in the contract, these can be created as a FAQ.
  • Average length of stay in minutes is not a mandatory field - but may be helpful for the guest.