When creating a service, you have the option to enter the opening hours of the company.

However, if the service has other opening hours (start of service, duration, etc.), you can enter these here.

If you click on the button "Valid from", a new window appears.

Here you can change the opening hours by clicking directly on the date. If you want to select a different month or a different year, click directly on the top item to get to the desired mode.

For the selected period you can configure opening hours per weekday. With "Add more times" you can add more blocks. Select all weekdays that have the same opening hours. With "Add opening hours" you can enter additional times for the same weekdays. If you are closed on certain weekdays, select "Closed on these weekdays" for this period. 


After confirming your selection you should check everything for correctness and also the entry of the opening hours should be in chronological order. Save changes and the service is provided with the corresponding opening hours.