In the "Service Designer", in addition to entering the services, the FAQs are also edited, newly entered and also changed and assigned.

This opens the Service Designer and on the top bar I see the FAQs button, which I click on.

Another window opens and if FAQs have already been entered, they are listed in the same way as the services. If I want to enter a new FAQ, I click on "+ Add FAQ". A new input mask opens and you can start entering:

The FAQ name is important so that you know later where you want to assign it. Either to a service or to company information.

In the "Question" line you can determine the actual name of the FAQ. It can be a question or just a name like e.g. parking space. 

Then you can enter the answers accordingly and, if desired, enter further questions for the service/company profile. With "Save changes", my FAQ has been created and can now be assigned.

You also have the option of checking in the preview whether everything has been entered. The part framed in red is displayed in the frontend.

In the general information, I can assign and save my FAQ either in the service or also in the company profile: