For ALL types of services, the following inputs can be made:

  • Name of the service: 
    (name of your product or service + name of the company) Example: Entrance fee to Aquapark Musterdorf or overnight stay in a double room at Hotel Test, City XY. Try to describe your service as precisely as possible.

  • Detailed description: 
    Describe as briefly and succinctly as possible, yet as precisely as possible, what products or services your customer can expect. This includes important information such as the location, limited number of participants and duration of an event. Restrictions should also be mentioned. For example: takes place only in good weather, is (not) barrier-free accessible, participants must be at least 14 years old/ weigh 50 kg or be 120 cm tall etc..

  • Short description: 
    contains important details that have no place in the name of the service such as location, more detailed description than the service name, advertising content, etc.. Examples: always on Thursdays, between June and October, sightseeing at over 2550 m...

  • Important information: 
    here you can highlight what is very important for the guest such as cancellation conditions can be read here. With Add link, you can refer to further information.

  • All points can be entered in several languages.