Video: How can I change the address in the Service? 

For ALL types of services, the following inputs can be made:

If the address of the service or company profile needs to be changed, I open the section "Contact information" and change the address. Above the map is the link FIND".  The FIND" function is only used for a new address and is mandatory. 

When you click on this link, the coordinate cross on the map repositions itself and shows the new address. Google Maps then searches for this address and positions the cross exactly there.  


Click on "Save changes" to save the new address and thus the change. 

Each newly created service automatically receives the address that was stored with the service provider as the default setting. If the address is changed in the company profile, this address also changes automatically for a new service to be created.  

However, not every service takes place at a fixed address. So that guests can find the estimated meeting point quickly and easily, it is possible to provide the address with coordinates or to drive exactly there with the + and save it. 

This means that for an even better location, the coordinates cross on the map can be dragged to the desired position with the mouse and this setting is then saved. 

Alternatively, it is possible to enter the exact coordinates (longitude and latitude) in the fields below the map. This way you can be sure that your customers will always find the event location easily and quickly. 

Please note: 

If the address is determined with the coordinates or the coordinates cross, this means that the name can be selected individually, e.g. the name of the campsite or the general meeting place can be left in the address.

Examples of how it will look on the homepage: