Service providers can change their personal data at any time. They go to the "Business Profile" application in the menu and make the following changes: 

  • My Information
    All personal information that a service provider has entered during registration can be changed: Company name, company address, company phone number, company email address.

  • Contact Person Information
    Your login information is also displayed here. This cannot be changed.
    Name, email address, phone number can be changed.

  • Business Information
    Product category:
    Please enter here exclusively what your company represents. e.g. mountain railroad, museum - select one to a maximum of 2 categories. If the categories are very different, consider creating another service provider account. (e.g. a hotel with a restaurant also for a la carte guests = 2 accounts).

    Average length of stay:
    You can enter the average length of stay of your guests here (optional).

    Opening hours:
    Service providers announce their business hours with period, weekday and times (from-to). You can add multiple business hours for the same day with the "+" on the right side. With "Add business hours" you can announce additional periods (e.g. seasons). You will find a detailed description under "Opening hours for business profile and services".

  • Public information
    Long description 

    This information is needed for a detailed presentation of the service provider in the view (service provider view and maps).
    (optionally German, English, French, Italian depending on the marketplace different)

    Short description:

    This should be formulated briefly and "crisply" so that the guest becomes curious and likes to look at your company profile in the map. 

    Furthermore, there is the possibility to add a link next to text at "Important information". Simply write the name of the link, mark it and click on the link sign. If more information is needed, take a closer look at the video.

  • Offer Menu
    In the offer Menu, the service provider can select products to be displayed in a submenu on the customer portal. He can switch the selection menu on or off himself and select the appropriate products. The Offer Menu is displayed in the service provider's entry on the web and in the app if this is desired by the marketplace operator. For more detailed information, please refer to the help text "Offer selection" or the video.
  • Sales channels: Select the sales channels with which you have concluded the contract.

The information of the "Business Profile" is displayed on the web and in the app in the form of supplier information if this is desired by the marketplace operator. Have a look at the video or at the help text with more detailed description.