Service providers can update their personal information at any time. To do so, they can click on the "Company Profile" application on the desktop and make changes.

Here, in the main toolbar, there are 3 options available.


  • Profile Information All personal information entered during registration can be modified: company name, company address, company phone number, company email address, and company website.
  • Contact Person The contact person should be the individual who works with MyServices. Providing the email address and telephone number is also helpful for the operator in case inquiries need to be made.

    Your login information is also displayed here. It cannot be changed. If changes are necessary, support costs will be incurred - please inform your operator.

    Notification language is currently supported in English or German. French and Italian will be available soon.

    Under "Communication Email Address," it refers to the address where MyServices update news is sent. If your login email address is not suitable, you can add a current one here.

  • Opening Hours: There is the option to enter the average guest duration in minutes. This information is purely for informative purposes and does not affect the availability of tickets. Providing the guest duration is optional.

    If the toggle is not activated, it means that the company does not have fixed opening hours. However, if it is activated, a block will open. Service providers provide their opening hours with a time period, day of the week, and hours (from-to). You can add multiple opening hours for the same day using the "+" on the right side. With "Add Opening Hours," you can specify additional time periods (e.g., seasons). Exceptions can be used to exclude holidays, company closures, etc. For more information on quickly entering opening hours, refer to the help text "Opening Hours for Service Providers and Services."

    Please always enter them in chronological order and date accuracy to ensure correct display.
  • Publicly Accessible Information

    FAQ: These can be entered in the Service Designer and then assigned here. (See the dedicated help text: How do I enter and assign an FAQ?)

    Detailed Description: This information is needed for a detailed presentation of the service provider in the view (Service Provider View and Maps). (optional: German, English, French, Italian - depending on the marketplace)

    Short Description: It should be concise and engaging to pique the guest's curiosity and encourage them to mark your company profile on the map.

    Additionally, there is the option to add a link in the "Important Information" section, alongside the text. Simply write the name of the link, select it, and click on the link symbol. For further information, please refer to the video for more details.

Offer selection:
In the offer selection, the service provider can choose products to be displayed in a submenu on the customer portal. They can enable or disable the selection menu and choose the appropriate products. The selection menu will be displayed in the service provider's listing on the web and app if desired by the marketplace operator. For more detailed information, please refer to the help text "Offer Selection".

Sales channels: Select the sales channels through which you have concluded the contract. The operator can make necessary changes to the sales channel assignment for the service provider.

If the operator has activated your business profile, you can also assign your business profile/services to other marketplaces, if permitted by your marketplace.

However, before your business profile appears on other websites, it must be reviewed and approved by an external operator (the operator of the chosen marketplace). The external operator cannot make any changes other than assigning it to sales channels.

You can see the status of the request based on the color and label: 

  • Green: Approved
  • Orange: Pending
  • Rot: Abgelehnt

2) Marketplace-specific:

  • Product category: 
    Here, only those categories that represent the company are listed. For example, gastronomy, cable car, museum - choose one or a maximum of two categories. If the categories differ significantly, consider creating a separate service provider account. For example, a hotel with an à la carte restaurant could have two separate accounts. If you are unsure, it is better to ask the operator.

3) Bank details:

  • These are self-explanatory and currently serve only for information purposes.