Service providers can change their personal data at any time. They go to the "Business Profile" app in the menu and make the following changes: 

  • Profile Informationen: All personal information that a service provider has entered during registration can be changed: Company name, company address, company phone number, company email address, company UID number. 
  • Contact Person: Name, email address, phone number. 
  • Company Information: Type of service, opening hours (see detailed explanation above). 
  • Publicly available information: Detailed description (optional: German, English, French, Italian), short description, pictures. This information is needed for a detailed representation of the service provider in JAMES (service provider view and maps). 
  • Offer Menu: In the Offer Menu, the service provider can select products to be displayed in a sub-menu on the customer portal. He/She can activate or deactivate the Offer menu and select the appropriate products. This menu is displayed in the service provider's entries on the web and in the app.

The "Business Profile" information is displayed on the web and in the app as service provider information