The editor is explained starting at 2:22 in the video.

In the media gallery, service providers have the option to upload images individually or up to a maximum of 10 images. You can either use the "drag-and-drop" function or upload them as files. 

My computer: The service provider selects the desired image from his computer. Copyright information must also be provided for data protection reasons. 

URL: The service provider enters the URL for the image, as well as the copyright information.

If you notice that an image needs to be edited while uploading, you can correct it right away using the editor. Click on "Open Editor," and you will see six different options. Choose the image you want to correct, and in the

1. step, crop it - make sure not to go below the minimum size.

"Continue to the next step" to set the focus, that is the center point of the image.

Once you are done with the editing, proceed to the next editing level and check in the overview if everything is in order. Click 'Confirm Selection' to move to the next window, and then click 'Upload File' to add the image to the media gallery. 

There are several options for list views, which you can change on the right side next to the avatar. To delete an image, click on the white box in the image or on the left side of the list, depending on the view. To edit an image again, click on the pencil icon.

Info: Images that were uploaded before the update of MyServices 2.8.12 can still be used.