• Service Address: 
    By default, you will find the address of the company. If your service is carried out at a different location, you can change this here.

    You must ALWAYS confirm this with the FIND link. 

  • Latitude / Longitude (address with coordinates):

    If your service takes place at a location that does not have an exact address, you must enter the coordinates yourself or move the cross to the location in question. Examples: Open air on a green meadow, tent on an alp. Important here is to save this immediately.

  • The contact e-mail address is automatically taken over. You can change this and also enter additional e-mail addresses so that all persons who are to be informed about a booking also receive an e-mail.

  • Meeting Point Information:
    This field is optional. Specify here if your guests should meet at a certain place. Examples: In the lobby, at the bus station, behind the station, in the changing room. This information will be printed on the ticket.

    The following part is printed on the voucher and is not visible anywhere else:

    Information for after the purchase: 
    Write down information that is particularly important here. Possibly also those you have already mentioned in the detailed description but which are important for the journey. Examples: Sturdy shoes are indispensable. Insurance is the responsibility of the participants. No/sufficient parking spaces in the immediate vicinity. Information on arrival and departure. Cancellation conditions.

    Meeting point info