Here you define which and how much personal information you want to have from your customer. First you have to decide the following:


  • Personalisation for all = you need the information from every single person who books your service. 
  • contact person only = you are fine with having information from one person in the group/family. 
  • no personalisation = you do not need any personal information, it is enough for you to know how many tickets are booked. 


In the second step, you define what information you need from your guests: name, language, date of birth, gender, phone number, address, etc.

Do not ask your customers for unnecessary personal data. In the case of a guided tour, however, the question about language can be quite relevant.

In the third step, you have the possibility to request further information from your guests in the booking and can add a personalization option.

Individual labels and selection options:

Text field or dropdown

These new personalisation options can be either text fields or dropdowns. For each field, the service provider must assign a title (label). If the service provider chooses a text field, the guest can insert a free text during the booking. In the case of a dropdown, the service provider can predefine options from which the guest can choose during the booking process.

The service provider can define labels individually (in the following languages: DE, EN, FR, IT).