The offer selection is located in a separate area in the "Company Profile" application. With the offer selection, the services can additionally be advertised in the company profile - if this is displayed in the selected marketplace.

The activated services are automatically displayed (this is the completely filled out service from the application "Manage Services") and the one that you also want to display in the company profile is selected here as "Display Services".

For the ticket, only the payment module is displayed. This is also entered in the "Manage Services" application.

If the order of the services is to be changed, click on the black dots and use the "drag and drop" function.

When everything is ready, I click on "Save information" and my company profile with the activated services is immediately displayed for sale.

In the map, the offer selection or the ticket looks different for each marketplace. For a more detailed view, we recommend that you watch the video that is saved in the "Training documents" application.