Problem Description:

In Andermatt there was the case the multi-day skipasses were bookable past the season end date which should not be the case (see

If the user selected a 7-day skipass starting on 22.04.2022, the 7-day pass could be booked although the skiing resort was closed between 25.04.2022 and 29.04.2022:

Methods of solution:

There are two ways to correct this:

1. Adjust product end dates manually 
Go to the respective multi-day product(s) to the section "Prices". Adjust the end date in the price matrix entry accordingly (Correct end date = season end date - duration of skiing days):

Advantage of this solution: no new import needs to be configured/run; if only few products are affected then this solution is more sufficient

Disadvantage of this solution: if a new import is run, then the manual changes will be overwritten; if a large number of products is affected, the correction of this can be quite time-consuming

In the above case this solution was chosen, because only a few products were affected and no new import was planned.

2. Adjust importer date periods 

This can also be corrected by configuring and running a new import under System --> Config --> Peak Connectors --> Skidata/Axess

Please also refer to the following tutorials for Skipass Imports: