1. How to gain access

  • Create an account on Skiline.cc with your email address
  • Send an email to b2b-support@skiline.cc and let us know which email address you have used to create account
  • Wait for the reply from the support team

2. How to login

3. On the landing page, you will get a quick overview about your resort

4.  You can export list from all the users of your resort in "ADDRESSES -> Resort"

5. If you have a sponsor on one of the installations. You can extract the data in "ADDRESES -> Contract"

6. In STATISTICS Resort, you will find detailed statistics from the users

7. Ticket Statistics will show you the user behavior how they have entered the ski tickets (Portal, IOS, Android, Widget or via Terminal)

8. Installations will show you detailed information about every installation in the resort.

  • produced - this is the total amount of created Videos/Photos
  • Operating Days - We count the days, where at least 10 Videos/Photos have been created
  • prod. / Operating day - produced per day
  • Unique cards - amount of unique cards
  • assigned - how many users have retrieved their Videos/Photos
  • ass.% - The percentage from assigned to produced (assigned/produced * 100%)
  • viewed - Amount how often the Videos/Photos where viewed

9. STATISTICS -> Terminal. If you have a terminal, you will find detailed information about the terminal

10. STATISTICS - Competition. You can export the details about the Participants of the competitions