The drag & drop function is still not productively usable in connection with Emma. Nevertheless, there is no reason why you should not use the feature for simple "standard newsletters" and embed your CI manually in the editor. 


The reason why we don't support this feature is that the editor has a very standardised setup and in many cases is not suitable for the special requirements of our customers. Also, it is very cumbersome (sometimes even impossible) to display Liquid Logic and more complex personalised content in this editor. However, if you want to insert simple attributes or properties (e.g. First Name) and create purely informational mails (header, text, footer), this editor is perfectly sufficient. From our point of view, there is nothing to stop you from using the functions available in Braze and gaining your own experience with it. Just note that some campaigns that have certain interfaces with Emma and are therefore necessarily based on an HTML editor may differ visually due to the standardisation of the drag and drop editor. Also, we cannot guarantee a solution to problems when using the drag and drop editor and reserve the right to decline support requests for problems related to the use of this editor.