How do I create a product? Prices


The rubrik "Price" is defined in the fifth section - after General Information, Contact Information, General Information and Category.


  • First, you enter the percentage of VAT included in your ticket price in the field "Tax class".
  • Secondly, you define the ticket type: by this we mean a "day ticket", a "single entry" or, in the case of a hotel, also a "double room".
  • in the case of the discount, the ticket type is defined more precisely in terms of price. The definition refers to the person description, i.e. age (adult, student, child or AHV) or holder of a season ticket (e.g. Half-Fare Card, Museum Pass or Season Ticket). 


In the respective line, enter the price as a number. 

Centimes are to be entered separated by commas: 10,90

The price is given in CHF. 



Box to the right of the price "from price 

here you can tick one of your offers if you want your service to be advertised with this price. The card will show "from XX CHF" next to the title of your service. 


Add ticket option

Tick this box if you want to add another ticket with a different "ticket type" or "discount" for this offer. 


You can remove the option by clicking on the red bin to the right.