The category "Tickets" is defined in the sixth section - after Public Information, Contact Information, General Information, Business Information and Categories.


First, in the field is "Tax class", you specify the percentage of VAT included in your ticket price.

Secondly, you define the ticket type: some are already predefined by the operator, but more can be created with "+Add new". Examples: "day ticket", a "single entry" or, in the case of a hotel, a "double room".

The ticket category defines the ticket type more precisely in terms of price. Here, too, the operator has already specified some. The definition refers to the ticket type, for example, the person description, i.e. the age (adult, student, child or AHV) or holder of season tickets (example half-fare card, museum pass or season ticket).

Note that it might also make sense to reverse the above options, e.g. ticket type Adult and ticket category Cooking Course Advanced / Cooking Course Beginner.

In the same line you enter the price as a number, e.g. 10,90

The box to the right of the price "from price" shows the price you ticked first on the web. Otherwise the system will show the cheapest offer first in the view.

It is important that you also change the minimum number of tickets per purchase if necessary, especially as the setting is preset with min. 1 or max. 6.

Add ticket option:

Click on this field if you want to add another ticket for this offer with a different "ticket type" or a different "ticket category". You can remove the option by clicking on the red bin to the right.