Metis is the Alturos monitoring and operations web app. It can be accessed at the following URL:

  • Metis is used by the Alturos staff and it is also accessible for our customers.
  • Metis means "wise counsel" in ancient Greek and in Greek mythology Metis was the most knowledgeable of gods and men. It also stands for "Monitoring & Emergency Tool for Infrastructure Supervision".
  • Access for customers is available in 2 different roles:
    • Level 0: reading access to the status, defined transaction data, produced media and availability SLA reporting.  
    • Level 1: Level 0 access plus restricted operational access for distinct installation types. 
  • Authentication via the central identity and access management system used for MyServices. Single sign in for MyServices and Metis.



  • 24h/7d monitoring
  • Statistics of measured values and history of alarms
  • Automatic alerting of contacts via email and SMS
  • Partially automated problem resolution actions in clearly defined cases
  • SMS and Email templates for manual contact with the customer (multilingual templates, helpdesk integration)
  • SLA Reporting


  • Status view for distinct installation types
  • Command execution
    • Restart of service
    • Execution of analysis commands
  • Access to sales transactions of the vending machines (receipts, tickets)
  • Access to produced media (Photopoint, Skimovie etc.)
  • Management of operational contacts
  • Auditlog of config changes and command execution

Sample screenshots: