Step 1: Select Campaigns in the left side bar.

Step 2: Create Campaign --> Multichannel campaign (multichannel allows you to add or change channel later on)

Step 3: In Step 1 "Compose" select that you want to add iOS push or android push. If you want both, add both - one after the other. 

Step 4: The settings under Delivery, Target Users and Conversions work in the same way as in e.g. a mail campaign

Step 5: Define the campaign content. Insert the title and the message. You will want to insert all languages into the one campaign. Use this code and adapt the text to say what you want. 

{% if {{${most_recent_locale}}} contains 'de' %}

Die Top 7 Sommer-Highlights 

{% else %}

Our Top 7 Summer Highlights 

{% endif %}

Step 6: Under "On Click Behaviour" you need to insert a deep link to access content from within the native app. This needs to be in this format: 

For a story: [kundenurl-ohne-www]/stories/[storycontentfulID]

For a static content page: [kundenurl-ohne-www]/pages/[pageID]

Step 7: To test your android and/or iOS push, you use the tab "Test" and search for your logged in user (please note: to receive it your user must have push notification permissions turned on)