Costs to be borne by Alturos

  1. Defect Standard Software: Bug fixes in the module base of Alturos Destination OS (JAMES, Peaksolution, EMMA, Contentful & MyServices), the standard software of Alturos.
  2. Operations: Expenses for the ongoing technical operation including technical issues of third-party systems contracted by Alturos.
  3. Maintenance of the module base
  4. Improvement and further development of the module base (new modules have to be licensed separately)

Costs to be borne by the customer

  1. Defect Work Package: Bug fixes to work packages ordered and accepted by the customer
  2. Change Request: Processing of change requests
  3. Configuration: Product configurations
  4. Import: Catalogue and data imports
  5. Campaigns: Support in the implementation of campaigns or special offers
  6. Assistance: General operational, sales and content support activities including bugs or technical issues of third-party systems commissioned by the customer.
  7. Template: Template and CI/C adjustments 
  8. Misc: Related activities