Video: Enter and modify business hours in your service

The opening hours can be conveniently managed in the company profile or in the service. The calendar is easy to operate, allowing times and days to be entered and adjusted effortlessly. Even subsequent changes can be made easily to ensure that the opening hours are always up to date.

When the slider is disabled, no company or service opening hours are displayed on the respective marketplace. However, this may result in potential guests not being informed when searching for open businesses. To ensure that the company profile is always up to date and can be found by guests at the right time, it's important to regularly update the opening hours. Up-to-date information enhances the visibility of the company on the digital marketplace and increases the chances of attracting new guests.

When the slider is enabled, a button with '+ add timespan' appears when initially setting the opening hours. In this step, no exceptions, fully booked days, or different opening hours are taken into the calender.

Now a calendar opens up, allowing you to choose the year, month, and day. We recommend planning the entire year in advance.

After confirming, the weekdays on which times can be added with the "+" sign will be immediately displayed under the time frame. In the weekly schedule, you should enter the usual times when the company is normally open. If multiple days have the same opening hours, the copy suggestion can be used to quickly enter each day. There should be no overlaps in the data. If errors still occur, they can be corrected using the trash bin. 

Now, the calendar is filled, and exceptions like holidays, vacations, or fully booked days can be entered. You simply click on the corresponding date in the calendar and use the dropdown menu to either set different times or mark the date as 'closed.' Of course, this can be reset or edited at any time.

If the date is not immediately found, the "magnifying glass" can be used as assistance, and you can enter the desired date. The cursor immediately jumps to the corresponding day, allowing you to edit it.