The Alturos Validity Checker is a mobile app that can validate all service tickets. When guests book a service online, they receive an electronic ticket with a QR code.

The Validity Checker can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Google Play Store. To configure the Validity Checker, open the app on your smartphone and scan the QR configuration code provided by the operator using the camera window in the app. Once this is done, the Validity Checker is ready to validate the tickets.

When you scan the QR code of a valid service using the Validity Checker, the app will indicate whether the ticket is valid or not. If the ticket is valid, it can be validated within the app, and the guest can avail all the services offered in the ticket.

Invalid Tickets

If a ticket cannot be redeemed through the app, it may be due to the following reasons:

  • The ticket is currently not supported by the Alturos Ticket Service.
  • The ticket's validity configuration is not yet available in the Ticket Service.
  • The ticket has already been marked as redeemed and/or is no longer valid.
  • There is no active internet connection.


Ticket redemptions are stored in a history log and can be tracked by the service provider at any time. If a ticket is scanned for verification purposes but not redeemed, a new entry is not created in the history log.

The history log can be shared as an Excel file through the app.