There are lots of reasons why an iOS or Android Push might not arrive : 

  1. Check that the user did actually get sent the campaign
    1. Does the email address of the user match 1:1 with the one in the app?
    2. If it was a test send, did you get the confirmation that it was sent successfully? If
    3. If it was a real campaign send, does the campaign show up on user profile on Campaign Received?
  2. Notification permission is disabled for that user in the app (check in Settings under Notification Preferences that you are opted in for Push)
  3. Phone is on e.g. Do Not Disturb, Flight Mode or has Mobile Date/WiFi turned off  - if this is the case, the push will not arrive ! 
  4. Your user's email address is fake/invalid - please make an account with a valid email address if you want push messages to be received reliably

If none of the above reasons apply, then it might be that the push token is not registered to the correct device. You can see when a push token last moved for your user through the User Profile. 

  1. Try deinstalling the Native App, reinstalling it, logging in again (or make a new account) and then accept the push prompt if asked. Hopefully that user will now receive push again. 

If not, please contact use via or open a ticket through the support portal directly. Please write EMMA in the subject line followed by your description of the issue.