How do I make a request for subcategories?

Made easy in 4 steps: 

  1. Decide for yourself what the subcategories should be called. These should be carefully considered to avoid changes after setup.
  2. Find out which SKUs (article number) from your shop should be included in the subcategory.
  3. Check your list carefully - it must be complete for the subcategory to function properly. If SKUs are missing or don't belong in the subcategory mapping, this will impact your campaigns. For example, someone receives an inappropriate email or someone has not received an email.
  4. Send us the SKUs and the name of the subcategories via a support request (

Tip: If setup needs to be done on a specific day, it is best to give us 2 weeks notice so we can schedule it. This can be the case, for example, if you know that a new product will go live in 3 weeks and you need the information from the subcategory immediately after Go-LIVE.

Example 1: Subcategory = "action_sport" & the associated SKUs (Excel list) 

Example 2: Subcategory = "skigebiet_a" & the associated SKUs (Excel list) 

Planning is important

Subcategories are only sent to EMMA after setup. This means that the setup must be completed before the first relevant purchases. 

Attention: It is not possible to send information about purchases and their affiliation to subcategories retrospectively.

For example:

  • Products go live today
  • 150 purchases are made in the coming week
  • 1 week later you want to send these users a pre- or post-stay campaign using subcategories
  • The subcategories are requested by you and created by Alturos
  • Only the users who made a purchase after the subcategories setup will receive the email (NOT retrospectively)

Want more infos about EMMA subcategories generally? Then check out our documentation in the Alturos Academy!